FaceCounter tool
To help us creating statistics on collections of 3D models we developed a small application that counts the faces of models stored in STL (or OFF)  files. It can be used to analyze a single model or a collection of models. The first is done by specifying the corresponding STL file and the second by specifying the folder that contains the collection.

Input and output example
  Win32 binary [ZIP 77KB]
  Linux i486 binary 
[ZIP 32KB]
FaceCounter [options] <source>
--help,  -h   Show Help
--gpl, -gpl  Print the GNU GPL
--quiet, -q Quiet processing
--folder, -dir Reads all STL (and OFF) files on specified folder

If you find this tool useful, discover any bug or have any suggestions, feel free to contact us by

Funded by:

European Union — Structural Funds


Portuguese Republic