During the research work we developed several prototypes. Some are directly related with the collection classification and retrieval solution, but others are just auxiliar tools for our work.

SHaVisRep SHaVisRep [+]
This prototype produces visual representations of spherical harmonics (SHA). It receives as input the binary signature created by the executable for computing SHA representations provided by Kazhdan and produce a visual representation for this descriptor. This visual representation can be a 3D column chart or a 2D line chart in VRML or BMP format, respectively.
FaceCounter FaceCounter [+]
To help us creating statistics on collections of 3D models we developed a small application that counts the faces of models stored in STL (or OFF)  files. It can be used to analyze a single model or a collection of models. The first is done by specifying the corresponding STL file and the second by specifying the folder that contains the collection.
This tool was initially devised as a simple format converter (from OFF to VRML). However, during our research work lots of extra functionalities were added. Among these are the ability to write the model in other formats, as STL or PLY, or the capability to read from STL files as well. Other extra features include the possibility to explicit in the VRML file the face and vertex normals or to represent the point cloud instead of the mesh.
Polygon Detector Polygon Detector [+]
This prototype detects a polygons from a set of lines. It receives as input an SVG file and produces another SVG files containing the corresponding polygons.
CaS CaS: Collection-aware Segmentation [+]
This tool performs the decomposition in objects considering the details that distinguishes it from others in the collection. The final result will consist on decomposing objects into sets of segments relevant to describe it, with respect to the collection.
ShaAnaWB ShaAna WB: Shape Analysis Workbench [+]
The Shape Analysis Workbench (ShaAna WB) is a framework that provides a simple and centralized workbench for 3D shape analysis, classification and retrieval algorithms. This workbench intend to cover a wide range of topics in the field, such as object segmentation, best view selection, shape description or mesh reconstruction.
ShaAnaWB ThOR: Three-dimensional Object Retrieval Library Workbench [+]
ThOR (Three-dimensional Object Retrieval) is a simple and centralized library for 3D shape analysis, classification and retrieval, that allows researchers and practioners to use, compare and combine techniques and tools. Furthermore, our solution also enables researchers to easily add their algorithms to the library, further expanding the number of available tools for 3D object analysis and retrieval.
GeomVis GeomVis: WebApp for Computational Geometry Algorithm Visualization Workbench [+]
GeomVis is a web application for learning computational geometry algorithms using visualization. It allows the user to walk back and forth through individual steps of algorithm execution while viewing explanations for each step. It includes a number of examples for each algorithm and also supports arbitrary user input via the user interface or SVG files.

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