OFFtoVRML tool
This tool was initially devised as a simple format converter (from OFF to VRML). However, during our research work lots of extra functionalities were added. Among these is the ability to write the model in other formats, as STL or PLY, or the capability to read from STL files as well. Other extra features include the possibility to explicit in the VRML file the face and vertex normals, to represent the point cloud instead of the mesh, or to include additional shapes, such as the convex hull or the minimum axis-aligned bounding box.

Input and output example
  Win32 binary [ZIP 148KB]
OFFtoVRML [options] <source>
--help,  -h   Show Help
--gpl, -gpl  Print the GNU GPL
--quiet, -q Quiet processing
--stats, -s
Print mesh statistics
--triangles, -tConsider input as a triangle mesh
--ccw, -ccwConsider input faces defined counter-clockwise
--point-cloud Produce point cloud instead of a mesh
--axisShow the three reference axis
--edges, -e Show the polygon edges
--bbox, -bbShow axis aligned bounding box
--bsphere, -bsShow bounding sphere
--convex-hullShow the mesh convex-hull
--normals v | fShow face (f) and/or vertex (v) normals
--color o | d Colorize according to index order or distance to barycenter
--write-off Writes an OFF file with the mesh after normalization
--write-ply Writes a PLY file with the mesh after normalization

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